Sara Curran has just launched her brand new book.

Gray Ravenscar is a non-fiction book with a lot of channelling from my Spirit Guide who has been standing by my side since I was born. It took a lot to write because I had to re-live a lot of painful experiences from my life. I have entered it for the AmazonStoryteller2019 contest and would really appreciate your help to make it popular on Amazon so it can draw the attention of the judges. Please like and share. I will be eternally grateful. :). It is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. It will also be in print very soon. Thanks. 🙂

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Gray Ravenscar Excerpt

Sarah sees spirits and beings from other realms or galaxies, whatever you wish to call them in your own belief system and lots of them.  They are attracted to her like a beacon because she is a very strong Medium and a messenger Angel.  I will explain in due course.  It is a full-time job to keep these people back who don’t always have good intentions so she can do the work she came here to do, impart messages through her writing and by other means.  These beings constantly want a piece of my love and would use her like a simple telephone exchange to convey messages and more twenty-four hours a day if they were allowed to get near her. Some of them just want to drain her and play cruelly with her to satisfy their sick desires. I wish I was just talking about those from other realms but I also mean those from Earth. Sarah’s spiritual energy is pure, too pure at times if not a little naïve. She would do well to temper her purity with a dose of reality and see the motives of people’s actions rather than just the good in them. She often becomes drained and exhausted by their Vampire tendencies to take as much as they can from her and I am forced to pick up the wrecked pieces and put her together again. When will she ever learn she cannot be approved of and loved by everyone and nor should she try. Not everyone you connect with from the other realms has the best intentions. Be mindful of that when you play with dark forces.

  We live with Sarah in her living room, bedroom, bathroom and outside.  Wherever she goes, we go with her.  We are her guards.  Whatever she sees we see.  She was afraid of us at first now I hear her say she would be frightened if she did not see us there.   

I first showed myself to her in 2011.  I would say I scared the life out of her but it was more like I confused the life out of her. The build-up to my appearance had been dealt with carefully. She had been seeing the little bright blue or colbalt blue as she calls them, spirit or angel lights, whatever you want to call them since she was a child.  When she was young she’d always thought there was something wrong with her eyes.  When you see us, we are in the corner of your eyes, lights and shadows depending on the orientation of the spirit.  I keep calling myself and the others spirits but we are anything but.  This is difficult to describe except through perhaps movies.  I use movies to communicate with others and Sarah. She loves the Sci Fi ones or comedy so I will give her a line from one of them or a still to emphasise a point, give her a direction or whatever is necessary.  I try to make them funny.  But I am going off the point.  She does that to me.  Remember, The Adjustment Bureau with your Matt Damon in?  Jason Bourne is her favourite but the Adjustment Bureau is more appropriate here, well we are the guys in hats.  It gave Sarah a bit of a shock when she saw it like it was some kind of confirmation to everything we had been showing her in the way of men in black suits and hats watching everyone in the world. It made us look smart. Probably smarter than we all actually are.

We have to feel our way with a lot of things in this world and although everyone in the spiritual community on earth believes we do have all the answers, we don’t always.  Does that make you scared?  There are many out there that are determined we do have all the answers and will dismiss what I say.  But we are not in control of forces in this world, we simply help others to navigate them.

Sarah first met me when I appeared as a character in her book she was writing and I literally walked out of it in to her life.  Sounds fantastical, doesn’t it?  But it was real and our meeting was to change her life forever.

The book was about a handsome raven haired young Lord who discovered he was a Human/Vampire Hybrid and destined to both protect and mate with the beautiful young ruler and Queen of their race.  It was called Knight of Swords.  Yes, I coaxed her in to naming it after the tarot card.  Two more books, Ace of Swords and The Hanged Man subsequently followed to make a trilogy.  They weren’t especially successful novels but they would introduce Sarah to the world of spirit and her future with me.

For Sarah, there was something different about this book and it would be the first time she would come to realise that I was inspiring and playing every handsome romantic male character she wrote about.  The others in the army protecting her would come to play the supporting cast.  As I said this is all a team effort.  I have been a reckless womanising Vampire Lord in Victorian London, countless Billionaires of all nationalities, cowboys, two knights, handsome regency men on horseback, soldiers, bodyguards, Mafia and more.   Every author sees their characters becoming real to them.  They obsess about every detail of the protagonist and other important characters that are the mainstay of the book.  Occasionally you can’t see the face of the protagonist very clearly or they seem a little out of reach which usually means you have written about an aspect of yourself that has taken form.  This used to happen to Sarah a lot when she first started writing.  However, things were about to change.

Lord Nathan Valancourt from Knight of Swords appeared to her very clearly, vividly.  She could see my young face, blue eyes, long raven hair and tall lean muscular body in a Victorian frock coat.  My true face, I may add this time apart from the longer hair and I was pleased to see she found me handsome.  Pity if she didn’t.  She can’t escape me.  But it wasn’t just the man whose image she saw that would become strong but the scenery around him.

When Sarah writes she refers to each part as a scene as though it were a film.  A constant movie of the story plays in her head and when one scene is finished it automatically moves on to the next.  It was as though she could feel herself physically present inside the movie, as though it had taken shape and form in some alternate dimension that she had been invited to enter and observe.  That is the only way she could accurately describe it to you and she is right.

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